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Chairs of PEVoC14:

Allan Vurma
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Kristel Kalling
MD, ear-nose-throat specialist
East-Tallinn Central Hospital
President of the Estonian Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

Congress Secretariat

PCO Publicon
T: +372 740 4095


We are pleased to announce that the 14th Pan European Voice Conference will be held from 19th to 22nd August in Tallinn at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The theme of this conference is “Voice beyond borders”. PEVoCs were initiated by Johan Sundberg and Gunnar Rugheimer in 1995. Their idea was to create a forum where artists, medical doctors, speech therapists, vocologists, voice teachers and all others interested in the voice could meet and share their discoveries and practical experiences biannually at different locations in Europe. The first PEVoC was held in London, and it has subsequently taken place in cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium and Denmark.

Estonia is located on the Eastern fringes of the EU on the Baltic Sea coast. Traveling to Estonia is easy, as Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport has direct flight connections with over 40 cities throughout the world. Ferries link Helsinki and Tallinn five times each day, and there is also a daily ferry service between Stockholm and Tallinn and regular railway connections with St Petersburg and Moscow.

Estonians have a long experience and knowledge of the importance of the correct functioning of the voice. The country is famous for its song festivals, which take place every five years, where about thirty thousand singers gather to perform together on a huge open-air stage for an audience of several hundred thousand. Moreover, it was the singing revolution, when Estonian people spontaneously gathered together to express their longing for political freedom peacefully through the singing of songs, that ultimately led to the country’s liberation from Soviet occupation in 1991.

As a nation, we are also proud of our world-famous composer Arvo Pärt, whose compositions include many outstanding vocal works, and who has for several years been the most widely performed contemporary classical composer at a global level. Pärt, indeed, is on record as saying that for him the human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.

We are aware that for some of our colleagues from farther afield, particularly from Central and Northern European countries with less developed economies participation in international conferences might present a problem. To help ease this situation, our participation fee policy for the Tallinn PEVoC offers a reduced rate for those who live and work in countries with low per-capita GDP (the relevant list will be announced later).

Allan Vurma and Kristel Kalling
Co-Chairs of PEVoC14